Friday, November 23, 2007

Meraverse1 Presenation

In Oct 9th, 2007 Jean and Yesha participated in an IBM led meeting in the US (hosted by our friend Peter from IBM). The Agenda is here and our Metaverse1 presentation is here.

Metaverse1 in Second Life

A bit of fun is always good. Join us at our virtual lab. If you want to join our group send IM to Dera Kit.

Update: Consortium Overview

The Metaverse1 consortium, 47 partners, is build from participants of large and small & medium industry as well as academia / institutes from 8 participating countries
  • ØThe large industry representatives are: Philips Research, Philips I-lab, Philips Design, Forthnet S.A., Alcatel-Lucent Bell N.V., Innovalia, Telefonica I&D, ESI, FAST, Siemens IT, arvato systems GmbH and Alcatel-Lucent France.
  • ØThe small & medium enterprises are representative by: DevLab, UsableWeb, Nazooka, CBT, Nextel, Carsa, Avantalia, I&IMS, VicomTECH, E-PYME, SiteOS, Radon Labs, Metaverse Labs, Geosim Systems Ltd., IRS[N], EMI and Centre Henri Tudor.
  • ØThe academia & institutes are represented by: Technical University Eindhoven, Utrecht University, University of Twente, Stg. EPN, VU Economics & BA, VU CAMeRA, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, IBBT-SMIT, UPF-MTG, University of Rostock, C-LAB / University of Paderborn, Fraunhofer IGD RostockC-Lab, TCM Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, CEA List, CNRS – LIFL, Loria/Inria Lorraine, GIE INTRA and ENSOSP.
  • ØThe participating counties are: The Netherlands (10 partners), Greece (3 partner), Belgium (3 partners), Spain (11 partners), Germany (9 partners), Israel (2 partners), France (8 partners) and Luxembourg (1 partner).

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