Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kick off is about to start... Jean is about to start ...

after 20 months, we are now starting... with about 34 firms we are about to start Metaverse1. More later...

So ...

1. Virtual worlds will be very big -- (metaverse is a technical term that means exactly the same).
2. But... to fulfill the potential we need "standards" -- to allow innovation.
3. So we want to do standards. How?
3.1. We have identified several use cases (what virtual worlds can do)
3.2 We will do a review of what standards are out there.
3.3 We will develop a framework system for the virtual worlds.
3.4 It will include a reference for the standards out there, as well as what is missing.
4. We will implement the case studies to test the standards.
5. The standards will be streamed into the work of ISO MPEG-V.

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