Friday, August 29, 2008

Virtual Worlds (SOS) State of Standards London Oct 20,21

I will giving a talk in Virtual Worlds London (Oct 20,21) about the State of Standards. If you have any specific inputs please drop me a line. I guess I will see some of you in the Kick Off meeting earlier but wanted to give you enough time to give me specific input on this field.

Here's the abstract:
Virtual Worlds State of Standards (SOS):
MPEG-V, Metaverse1, Open-SIM and more

With Virtual Worlds development, we will enjoy a constant stream of innovations, creations, services, and products. Things like art, medicine, learning, and shopping will be enhanced by virtual galleries, home treatment clinics, learning kiosks and family owned stores. However, there is one major roadblock to this vision: lack of standards - hence the term SOS. On the Internet, we were able to overcome this block with a well-oiled open system of standards that facilitates innovation and growth. We were unable to overcome this block in the gaming world where major game companies have their own systems. There are several formal, open source, and private initiatives aimed at creating an stadards for virtual worlds. State of Stadnards will review the current efforts in the field, and identify key factors in this work. The talk cover MPEG-V, Metaverse1, Opensim, Croquet, Sun's virtual worlds, Linden's and IBM architecture group.

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